Red Bicycle Coffee & Crepes is a popular spot in Nashville, TN that is beginning to branch out and grow in locations. The owner approached us with an existing building in Murfreesboro, and old bank, across the street from MTSU’s campus. The proposed design activates the front elevation by adding shipping containers to the site. This introduces industrial elements to the site, going with the brand of Red Bicycle, while also providing an inexpensive approach to making the building feel more inviting.  The bank had 3 drive-thru lanes that were covered by a roof extending over them. Instead of demolishing this portion of the building, we proposed to place a linear shipping container here, allowing for the drive-thru lanes to be reused and easily accessible for college students walking to and from class. A covered awning activates the new entrance and also houses exterior seating opening up the walk-able street bringing in new life to an outdated building.

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