As metropolitan landscapes carve away hidden voids, alleyways emerge as an Urban Gorge within a city. This design proposal explores the idea of an alleyway as a streaming flow of human activity within the context of the looming volumes provided by Chattanooga’s downtown buildings. Much like the nearby Tennessee River carves its way through “Tennessee’s Grand Canyon,” the proposed installation spills through connection. Comprised of recycled lift cables, the structure will highlight Chattanooga’s rich industrial history while speaking to the diverse elevations of the land. As the cable form floods through the alleyway the connectivity of people below become the ecosystem within the Urban Gorge. The pedestrians will experience the “spring”, “pool”, and “spillway” of the sculpture in an interactive experience as they stroll through and around the structure. A gathering space near the “pool” will provide boulders for seating, conversing, and interaction. The Urban Gorge is a place where community and city unite in an unexpected yet inviting space.