Nolensville Food Campus

Fresh Capital sought to connect two Nashville star chefs Pat Martin and Jason McConnel for this food Campus concept to be built in the rapidly growing market of Nolensville, TN. This 6.28 acre parcel is flanked by Nolensville Rd. and the Mill Creek flood way, which contains an endangered species of Crawfish found only in this part of TN. When the project began we were met with environmental and architectural challenges. Architecturally these buildings had to fit in within the Nolensville Historical Society’s strict guidelines, and achieve brand elements of the new tenants. Environmentally we needed to provide adequate storm-water mitigation, provide enough parking for the development, and also be careful not to disturb the delicate ecosystem and flood-way just behind the property.

Pat Martin began his whole hog empire in Nolensville, TN with the original Martin’s BBQ joint. Now he seeks to build his flagship store where it all began. Joining him will be Jason McConnel, chef behind 55 South, Red Pony, and Cork & Cow, to add his southern fair to this new food destination. In addition to the two restaurants, there will be a partnership with Cultivate Farms to grow produce in the fields behind the development. The growers will not only provide for the restaurants, but also provide educational insight to true Farm-To-Table operations to the public. RA is proud to be apart of this new development to help foster community and education in Nolensville, TN.

Project Owner: Fresh Capital, Martin’s BBQ, McConnell Hospitality Group
Project Completion: 2017
Project Size: