Threads 2018 was a competition put on by the local IIDA chapter. Each firm entered in the competition was paired with a material rep and given a specific biophilic category, to make a runway ready garment. RA had the privilege of being paired with Knoll Textiles and given the category Subterranean Living. RA came up with a garment concept that played on the idea of life within the hard earth.

Sub Terra’s garment celebrated the silhouettes and designs of iconic Knoll furniture through form, pattern, and material. The garment embodies the concept of underground subterranean living as light above cascades and penetrated through the layers of earth to expose the depths of life below.


Team: Remick Moore, Sarah Milkie, Erin Leaf, Kristin Duff, Rachel Allen, Tiffany Goolesby, Amanda Norton

Model: Erin Leaf

Material: Knoll Textiles