Hamilton & Martin

Hamilton & Martin is a multifamily project located at the intersection of Hamilton & Martin St. that contains 34 units. The town-home units in this complex will provide downtown views from their covered 3rd floor patios. When the Specific Plan was presented to us, it had some deficiencies that we had to work through. The stacked flat product was not located on the corner, but instead it was in the rear along the alley which didn’t allow for the product type or density the developers were looking for.

We were able to re-work the plans and placement of product typologies to create a more diverse product range, relocate the density on the corner to give more units views to downtown, and achieved all this without having to go back to Council readings. This project is scheduled for completion Spring of 2020.

Project Owner: Willow Branch
Project Completion: 2021
Project Size: 40,000 SF | 9 townhomes | 18 Flats 
Credits: Rendering by JDZYN | Photography Andrew Keithly