Fogg + Ewing

This proposal for Fogg & Ewing connects two neighboring sites in Pie Town. The project has the potential to act as a catalyst for future development in the area because of its proximity to downtown and its alignment with the newly completed overpass connecting the Gulch and Pie Town.

The proposed site layout uses the full extents of both existing buildings with minimal new construction. Beginning at the corner of Fogg and Ewing, a coffee shop with an exterior patio addresses the intersection and welcomes pedestrians into the site. The building then steps back and opens to view the entire site. Two proposed additions of angled masses break the existing axes allowing pedestrians to discover the varying tenants within the courtyard. These proposed additions add leasable square footage to the two tenant spaces and help activate the shared green space of the courtyard. The courtyard takes advantage of the sloping topography to create two different courtyard levels.

This design creates visual cohesiveness between the two buildings through the use of a dark contemporary material which wraps the prominent corners and moves through the site while complementing the white washed brick. A catwalk from the entry of the market toward the corner of Middleton and Ewing leads to an elevated, exterior patio for the brewery giving further cohesiveness to the site. The patio is positioned to take advantage of the existing garage door openings of the building and also to display the grand views of Nashville’s skyline.

Programmatic and operational functions were considered as well. The layout proposes pushing all of the varying back of house functions to the back of the buildings and utilizing the space between the two buildings to create a mechanical/service hub. Each building has a service hallway that lines the back alley and leads to a centrally located space for accepting deliveries. In this space the user can find the shared mechanical along with an open air area for the loading dock and dumpsters. The mechanical area is screened from the general public by a corten screen wall which also acts to connect the massing of the two existing buildings.

This proposal balances cost effectiveness with contemporary design by taking advantage of existing conditions of the site to inform programmatic layout and creatively using cost-effective materials. The innovative design for Fogg & Ewing creates a cohesive food and entertainment destination that will activate Pie Town by enhancing urban walkability


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